In this part of the session, I can:
  • Understand the data-driven decision making process.
  • Identify instructional strategies.
  • Explain the Leadership and Learning Matrix
  • Complete a fish-bone diagram.

Activity: Instructional Strategies

1. Discuss with your team or complete alone the handout on research-based strategies.
2. Check all of the strategies that are prevalent in your building.
3. Which strategies in your building should be increased or decreased?
4. Identify and discuss your matrix quadrant.

Activity: Fishbone Diagram

Effect Data: Outcomes of results
Cause Data: Professional practices that create specific effects or results

1. Now that you have identified your quadrant and instructional strategies to increase or decrease, use the fishbone diagram to identify an effect your school should address.
2. Identify the factors which may be a cause.
3. Determine which category they belong to. Some factors may belong to more than one category.


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