In this part of the session, I can:
  • Interpret diagnostic reports whiskers.
  • Identify diagnostic patterns.
  • Complete an overview of school effects

Activity: Desirable Pattern

After reviewing the various diagnostic patterns, use the handout to create
the ideal diagnostic pattern for closing the achievement gap.
For your pattern, include the blue bars and whiskers for the five subgroups.
desirable pattern.png
Detailed explanation of each pattern is located here:
Diagnostic Patterns
MS Word Document

Activity: Overview of School Effects

1. Access your EVAAS data.

2. Access the Overview of School Effects document for your school. The spreadsheet includes labeled tabs representing each school.
3. Complete the first column for grades and subjects.
4. Review the overall result for the subject and grade on your value-added report. Place an "X" in the appropriate cell if growth was not met.
5. Review the diagnostic report and color each cell with the appropriate color.
6. Analyze your school effects

Table Talk: What did you find?
  • Interesting patterns
  • Insights
  • Areas of concern
  • Areas of celebration


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