In this part of the session, I can:
  • Explain the components of a value-added report.
  • Explain why NCEs are used.
  • Explain why standard errors are used.


Normal Curve Equivalent: a way of standardizing scores received on a test into a 0-100 scale similar to a percentile-rank, but preserving the valuable equal-interval properties of a z-score.
If you would like more information about normal curve equivalent, visit this link: Normal Curve Equivalent


Percentilesare most often used for determining the relative standing of an individual in a population or the rank position of the individual. Some of the most popular uses for percentiles are connected with test scores and graduation standings.
If you would like more information about calculating percentiles, visit this link: Percentiles

Standard Error

This link will take you to a video clip that explains the purpose of standard error and how it is calculated. It is a simplified example how it works.
Click here to view: Standard Error


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